I am planning to do my L7 research project on intraversion and the steps that employers can take to enable people with varied personality characteristics to thrive and be well at work.  Its based on the power of introverts TED talk and some interesting articles that I've read e.g. suggesting that people often classified as extraverts thrive on talking, whereas introverts thrive on quiet thinking time.  

There's quite a lot of research about what employers can do, but I've never seen this type of thing considered at enacted at work.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this or seen initiatives in practice?


  • Hi Mel, you may know that introversion / extraversion features in many different personality tests such as MBTI as one of the ‘big five’ personality traits. It’s not uncommon to see tests like these used in Learning and Development. In my experience, if introversion is considered as a factor it’s often in the context of team and leadership development. Leadership development might be a good area to explore as there is some existing research such as Farrell, M., 2017. Leadership Reflections: Extrovert and Introvert Leaders.

  • I think it would be worth you looking at the works of Susan Cain. I found this book really insightful:
  • From a personal experience perspective, in our all staff meetings in person, we realise that not everyone prefers to ask questions out loud in a large group during Q&A sessions, so whilst that is still an option, we use Slido or something similar so people can submit their questions via text. If it's a virtual meeting, then we use both the 'raise hand' if people want to speak out loud, or questions submitted via the chat.