Remote-first organisation

Do anyone know of any groups, hubs resources etc for HR professionals in remote-first or fully remote companies?

I have attended a number of webinars, read white papers and so on recently where a large percentage of the content has not been relevant. I'm feeling a little frustrated! Searching for resources on this topic mostly returns information for when remote work is permitted in a site-based companies. 

If this doesn't exist, would there be interest in setting something up?

  • I'm not aware of any groups that are specifically for those working in remote-first or remote-only organisations but there are plenty of people who would, I think, be interested in such a thing.

    Chapters 5 - 10 of HR for Hybrid Working deal specifically with how to reposition HR/L&D services for a remote organisation, if that's any use?

  • Looks like you have found a gap in the market. Perhaps you should become the knowledge hub!

    This could lead to lots of interesting things.
  • Thank you Gary, this does look like it would be helpful! Added to basket.

    Oh dear Steven, this is like when you are looking for an adult in the room... but realising you are the adult!

    Is it on the CIPD radar at all ? I would be happy to assist in research but guidance and best practice establishment feels important in 2024
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    14 Jun, 2024 11:33

    In reply to Cat Jones:

    Flagged this to a few colleagues,  

    Just signposting this previous thread - to which you contributed - to keep these things 'together'. 

     Tips for building community among a fully remote staff 

  • In reply to Cat Jones:

    Hi Cat. I used to work for the Royal Voluntary Service which had moved to be a completely remote organisation. You could touch base with them and see how they are getting on.

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    17 Jun, 2024 11:53

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    Hi again,  

    The guidance we (the CIPD) had on remote working was incorporated into the updated content on hybrid working. There are now 2 guides on this:

    Hybrid working: Guidance for people professionals | CIPD

    People manager guide: Supporting hybrid working | CIPD

  • This would be really useful. I also work for a remote first (fully remote) organisation and find any content is largely aimed at hybrid. Hybrid is great and absolutely needs the content and guidance but there are a lot of organisations that are remote first and content relating specifically to this would be useful. Disappointing that CIPD haven't done so and have just lumped it in with Hybrid working when they are in fact two different approaches.
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    19 Jun, 2024 06:45

    In reply to Gemma:

    I'll share with colleagues, Gemma.
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    19 Jun, 2024 08:31

    In reply to Gemma:

    Hi again Gemma.

    We'll do a bit more research to see what % of orgs are fully remote and will see what we can do when the review for our remote and hybrid working guidance comes round. So this is certainly under consideration.

  • Great question and some great replies below. I think you have hit the nail on the head that ways of working are many and varied.

    Even hybrid working and intepretations of the term vary. I know Gary has shared his book below - it's a good read.

    I also know that the following are looking at this as a topic of research and writing and practice.

    Gwen Stirling-Wilkie talks about Omni Working, Gemma Dale is researching flexible work, Professor Heejung Chung speaks on this, one of my community connections Kate Maddison-Greenwell has been doing some client work on this area.

    I have worked with a remote first client and the challenges are similar but different to clients that work in a hybrid fashion and then you have the four day week and flexible work elements to through in there too.

    I would say that I believe most companies, regardless of working pattern or the way they describe it, is working there way through the challenges it poses and research in this space is likely scant. When it does exist, most CEOs and companies tend to look at it if it supports what they want or need.

    Hopefully, someone might know if a group exploring this exists or help you to decide if setting one up is a great project for you. Good luck.