Manish Amin Chartered MCIPD talks about branch volunteering with CIPD Leicestershire branch

I took on the volunteer role of Branch Chair for the CIPD Leicestershire branch in the Summer of 2020 – this was something a bit unusual for us as our committee had been operating successfully without a chair for the previous three years. However, it was time for a change, and I realised what a great opportunity it was for me personally. I’m delighted to be leading the branch.

I first joined the committee at the start of my career within L&D after I attended a CIPD event on employment law, a session I really enjoyed. It was great to meet and learn from people with similar interests as well as having the opportunity to network. I must have got the branch volunteering bug then!

We have a great team, and through their time and dedication to our profession, they have delivered some excellent events, and at pace more recently due to the pandemic. We know we can do more and are geared up to explore further opportunities for our members.

As chair, I also get involved in some of the Midlands and national conversations and debates. As I come to the end of my first year as chair, I’m enjoying the responsibility and the autonomy to get involved in discussions that I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do. This has inspired some ideas for our branch that I would like to implement, whilst continuing to raise the profile of our profession and engage more with business leaders and members.

I enjoy being part of a group of professionals that have so much experience and passion to give back to the profession they represent, as well as driving some great events for our members. When I first joined the committee back in 2007, I noticed very quickly that we had a supportive group of professionals that were open to ideas and who gave me the freedom to share experiences and give something back to our profession. That support and passion is still there today!

I have learned loads over the years from branch volunteering that I have taken back to the workplace – from mentoring to more general practices, to me as an individual.  Most recently, learning about the trends shaping the future of our profession has been really insightful and is helping to shape some of my plans at work. Equally, the responsibilities of being branch chair in this short space of time has taught me a lot already about leadership.

When I’m not chairing, I’ll soon be working at DS Smith as Head of Talent and Development, UK, and when I’m not working I’m being spoiled by my wife and two adult kids (so I would like to think!)  My young MaltiPoo(dle), Bailey, keeps me smiling, especially as a Foxes fan its often up and down.

I’m looking forward to seeing our members in the flesh when it’s safe, at one of our Leicestershire branch events.


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