I inspired a bunch of HR consultants to deliver online training #HRtogether

By Krystyna Gadd, Founder of How to Accelerate Learning, based in Leeds, UK.

At first there was very little impact on me due to COVID 19, because I had some work in Belfast, which got transferred online as result of lockdown. It was meant to be a face to face workshop helping HR consultants to learn how to deliver face to face training. I worked hard to make it as impactful as possible, which meant that for four weeks I was really busy. Then it all stopped.

Initially I wondered how I could help and offered free one-hour coaching sessions to anyone in my network, who was struggling in any way. Ten people took me up on this and I was pleased to help even in this small way. For all the people that I coached who were struggling and very anxious, there was a visible difference in their demeanour and outlook. On a very human level it felt good to make an impact on their situation.

It has made me appreciate many things in my life (not in order of importance):

  • A steady income (which has disappeared)
  • Doing a job I love (no paid clients at present))
  • Travel
  • Being able to see loved ones
  • Walking in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside
  • Our home and garden
  • Seeing friends physically not just on a screen
  • Hugs

I feel especially proud that I have managed to create an online programme on how to deliver face to face training, which inspired a bunch of HR consultants to consider delivering online training, as well as equipping them to deliver face to face when the time comes.

During this time, I have been walking, weaving and taking plenty of rest. Below are pictures of a cushion and a shawl I have woven in this time. Doing things that I love has really helped me to focus on the joy in life rather than the uncertainty of this situation. I have tried to keep in touch with people via Zoom, using some of my Zoom and training skills to have regular social get togethers with friends.

I have been trying out new tools for collaboration like MURAL and training people up in our church to use Zoom as a host. This has enabled others to keep in contact with a wide variety of people, including family, friends and also members of our church.

Close friends have been a great support to me and helped keep things in perspective. There have been days when I have found it hard to even motivate myself to get out of bed and I am blessed to have a handful of friends who have had broad shoulders and big ears (as well as hearts).

My biggest challenge is how to get paying clients at a time when everything is so uncertain and no one wants to pay for anything. There is lots of free stuff out there, which in effect has devalued what we as consultants provide.

I am however hopeful. Last week at the CIPD Festival of Work, I was encouraged to doodle some notes for some of the sessions and sparked off a new business idea! Here's a visual summary of one of these sessions.

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