NHS interview advice

Hello, I currently work in a HR role in education and have just been offered a HR Advisor interview in the NHS., which I’m super excited about This is a new sector for me and wondered if anyone knew if there was anything specific I should prepare for the interview which is typical for the NHS, for instance in education you would think about safeguarding and kCSIE. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  • Until someone with more experience pops along I would start with

    Clinical skills shortages
    Post covid burn out
    Agenda for change
  • You could also consider flexible working, safeguarding, well-being strategies and ED&I good luck
  • Research primary care networks and collaborative working, wellbeing post covid, EDI, look at the NHS Long Term Plan
  • I’d say look at agenda for change terms and conditions and doctor’s terms and conditions there will be loads of information available if you visit NHS Employers website.
    Familiarise yourself with the career pathways of doctors and medical professionals, the types of professional registrations which may be required.

    Also the typical national issues for the NHS such as national shortage of specific roles and retention of staff.

    I think also particular attention to the values of that particular location and its history.
  • Thanks Keith
  • Thank you!
  • Thank you, looking at Terms and conditions is a great idea
  • I work in HR for the NHS and to be honest, the interview was similar to my private sector experience of HR role interviews - e.g. tell me about a complex ER case you’ve managed. I did some background reading into the Trust I work for and its strategic plan and also its values and how I work/conduct myself in line with those values but other than that, it was nothing complicated or challenging.