Attending an Employment Tribunal as part of development

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As part of my advanced Level 7 CIPD qualification I have chosen the optional module of Employment Law.

As part of this, they have asked for me to attend an employment tribunal and provide feedback as part of my portfolio however, I am struggling to see where these may be listed and do not want to just turn up at the courts in hope that there is one on that day.

Is it worth me giving them a call, or is there somewhere online to view and I am simply missing it? I did attend a mock tribunal back in 2015 through the CIPD but would like to see something 'real' and more up to date.

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  • I found contact details for the Manchester tribunals here, I sent an email and they were very helpful. I was planning to attend one for development purposes too, but never actually got round to it!

  • Hi,
    You can find out details of tribunals taking place here-

    Think you might need to register but it doesnt cost anything.
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    Hi Carrie
    Thank you for this. I managed to get the details from my local court and they said that Courtserve is the one to look at. They only publish the listings the night before, so I need to see if there is anything in court on the days that I can get in, but hope that it will be really insightful.
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    8 Oct, 2019 11:41

    Hi Laura ... see also:

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    I no longer recommend this because you will struggle to get a one day tribunal. Most UD claims last 2-3 days and tribunal about discrim are likely to be a minimum of 3 days

    If you have to go then go somewhere big with more than three courts and ask the clerk about which case might give you the best insight on the day. Even that has degrees of risk as it might settle at five to ten or the judge might send people away (t settle/withdraw) after he/she has heard the opening arguments