Book club for professional development?

Hi Folks,

There are a few books recommended by the profession map self-assessment / learning plan tool that I am interested in and I wondered if anyone would be interested in doing a book club where we read them together and have a virtual/online discussion about the topics and themes?

The books I'm specifically interested in are:

  • 'Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Make Us Influential' by J. Neffinger and M. Kohut
  •  'Driving Performance through Learning' by Andy Lancaster.
  • 'Agile Workforce Planning' by Adam Gibson.
  • 'Strategic Workforce Planning: Developing Optimized Talent Strategies for Future Growth' by Ross Sparkman 

But I'm open to other book recommendations too if there's something that others want to read and discuss Slight smile

Hope to hear from some of you!