Changing careers and seeking job search advice

Hi all, I’ve been teaching for 15 years and I have decided that’s it’s time for a change. I’m currently taking the CIPD L3 course and I’m hoping to receive certification in February. Can anyone point me in the direction of any good HR recruitment agencies in London? Or if you know of any organisations as a good starter point? Lastly, any helpful tips when applying for HR jobs as a first timer with no HR experience? Many thanks in advance.
  • Johanna

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    CIPD Staff

    3 Jan, 2024 17:17

    Hi Nafiza, thanks for your question on the Community and best of luck with your career change in 2024 :) One thing we would recommend is getting involved in your local CIPD branch asap if you haven't already done this. That way you can network, develop your knowledge and get advice from people already in the profession, locally. https://www.cipd.org/uk/get-involved/branches/ The PM Jobs online service https://pmjobs.cipd.co.uk/ is the official job site for CIPD members. In your case, your transferrable skills from teaching are really going to be something to focus on. Employers may be interested in this connecton and you could try looking for early HR opportunities in all sorts of educational settings as one sort of avenue to pursue. 

  • In addition to networking I would spend quite a bit of time reading as many posts in this forum as possible. It is full of day to day problems faced by HR professionals and a range of solutions suggested by other HR professionals.