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I've been working in HR over 17 years now and I'm currently lucky enough to be sitting on the senior leadership team.  My next step would be ideally Head of HR or HR Director.  My CV is getting me into interviews so it's clearly not demonstrating my skills correctly or just turning people off (I know what it's like when you are reviewing larger numbers).

When reading the job descriptions it feels like I have the prerequisite skills for the roles I'm applying for.

Has anybody used a Professional CV Writer?  Recommendations or suggestions please.

  • Johanna

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    14 Aug, 2023 15:22

    Hi Alun

    That's a challenge and sounds like you are very open to trying some new techniques to experiment with whatever CV approach gets the better results - you'll have to let us know how you get on as this could help others too! As a CIPD member you can find the CV360 tool and CV builder in our Career Hub which may be vey useful. The CV builder will help you build your CV and the CV360 checker will go through and pick out all the things that could stop your CV getting through an ATS checker. You'll also find e-learning resources and videos on CV writing in there. www.cipd.org/.../

  • I would get a couple of friendly HRDs to review your CVB - far better value and advice than a CV writer IMO
  • In reply to Keith:

    This 100%, unless a CV Writer is a specialist in HR cv's it is likely an HRD from an similar type of company to those you are targeting will be far better.
    Also don't be scared of asking any specialist recruiters you are working with - it is in their interest to help you put your best foot forward and they often know what a particular company or even individual TA person looks for
  • Hi Alun, try ChatGBT. Upload your current cv into the chat box and say what type of role you are looking for, refine your questions until you get the CV you are after. If you post the job description in the chat it will also write you a perfect cover letter. Use AI to your advantage. Good luck!
  • There are a lot of people keen for senior roles in HR and not many available jobs to go around. There's a good chance that it's not your CV but your experience and skills that are, in fact, lacking.

    I notice that you are an Associate Member. For a Head of HR/HRD role, most businesses would expect Chartered Membership as a minimum, with an MA/MBA and Chartered Fellowship as desirable qualifications. And if most of your competition is in that category, there's a good chance that people are starting with your qualifications, seeing your membership status and moving you directly to the "reject" pile.
  • ooooh I like it Grinning
  • Hi Alun, I echo other advice below. I think a professional CV writer would need to be a professional coach with insights into the market to worth the £. I think your money and time would be better spent in other ways. It's a tough market out there at the moment. Good luck.
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    try ChatGBT

    No, I can't let that just go past without comment.

    ChatGPT is a potentially useful tool in a lot of areas, but this really isn't one of them. ChatGPT is a generative programme that works on probabilisitic principles. What it will give you isn't "perfect" by any definition of the term. What it will give you is the most probable cover letter based on a predictive tool geared entirely towards deciding which word is the one most likely to follow the one before it. The smaller the data set it has to work with, the less accurate or refined its results will tend to be.

    At best, you will get an average cover letter in the most literal sense. You will get a cover letter that is the average of all possible cover letters.

    If you are completely clueless and have no idea how to write a CV or a cover letter, then a ChatGPT-generated example will be considerably better than anything you might have tried to do yourself. But if you are a senior HR professional looking to secure a role at the top of our career ladder, you ought, by definition, to be producing something of much, much higher standard than anything ChatGPT can produce.
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    100% agree - it will by it's definition give you the most average cv and cover letter that you can produce - the only way it will stand out (other than stilted language) is by it's absolute mediocrity
  • The CV builder really helped me yesterday was able to work on mine now in 94% let’s hope we can get a job soon been challenging job hunting for an entry position.
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    Thank you for your comment. This has answered my own question.
  • Hi Alun - happy to take a look at your CV if helpful - I have written hundreds and seen more at all levels. Have you asked for feedback on why you didn't get the roles you went to interview for? A good employer should be very happy to explain what would have made the difference. That would help you to understand where to focus your efforts - eg is it actually because of your CV - for example it's not presenting you in the best light - that's easy to sort and I'm happy to help and the CIPD tools should too. Or is it because of what's on your CV eg do other applicants have Chartered CIPD which is a great way to narrow down applicants because of the credibility it gives you at this Head of HR or HRD level :)
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    Jackie, It would be great if you could take a look. I've been through the CIPD tools and refined to a point where to me I'm happy but still struggling to land interviews.

    I accept completely what others are saying about being an associate rather than a chartered or fellow but I did experience assessment after 10years in HR and simply haven't done then next step of experience assessment to bump me up again having now got over 16years and sitting in a senior HR Role..
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    Your are correct in that I am only an "associate" of the CIPD but I have over 16 years experience in senior HR roles which I would have hoped trumped a qualification but you could be right in that's its a easy point to filter on.