Becoming a HR Business Partner

Just finished my masters in Human Resources Management and also got my CIPD level 7 and am excited for the new opportunities ahead. I have HR experiences from my home country and also working as a HR assistant here in the UK to get more integrated and understand Human Resources in the UK. It’s been 4months now and am looking forward to start applying for roles as a HRBP. Is there any advice I can get from the community to help in my journey. Thank you
  • Hi Vanessa! Congratulations on completing your masters! In your HR assistant role have you had any opportunities to get involved with any project type / strategic work? That would be a good starting foundation to get some experience alongside your HR assistant role. Do you work alongside a team where you have the opportunity to shadow i.e. working with a HRM / BP / Head of HR, where you can get some really good experience of the next level?
    Also, have you joined any networking groups? HR Ninjas is a great one to join to ask questions and help others, as well as good for enhancing your own learnings.
  • Hi Vicky, thank you very much for your advice. I will ask to be placed in more projects as we are introducing a new HR system which I will be working with our people manager on this project.