Anyone thinking or actively transitioning from HR to Counselling?

Just exploring a line of thinking here. Given that there is an increase in focus in the wellbeing and mental health space and the potential for transferable skills, has anyone considered (or even activated) a plan to transition to counselling ? Thoughts welcome. Rgds Safwan

  • I considered transitioning to counselling and found that it was very expensive to do and not feasible for me. From memory (it was a couple of years ago) you had to study for the qualification which was a few thousand, plus completing a significant number of unpaid practical experience hours before you could be qualified.
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    My wife started as a management trainer and eventually joined Relate many years ago. She went through their training and if I recall was also seeing couples and eventually ended up being a supervisor and a Relate trainer. I don't know if they still recruit and train their counsellors in that way. As far as I remember the training was free.
  • I share your views there. It is very much a stretch both academically and financially. Im thinking of giving it a go while working full time. Might be a monumental challenge though, but I guess I wont know how hard unless I try. Have you considered it as something you spread out over significant periods of time?
  • Hi David, thanks. Do you know which body the accreditation was from?
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    I wouldn't bother with counselling as taught by academia in universities. They know all the theory but are pretty useless in practice.
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    I'll pass on that as my wife is away at the moment :-)
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    I've just asked Mrs P and she can't remember. Her qualification is in the darkest recesses of our loft.