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This is my first post to this community. :) 

I'm a foreign-qualified HR Professional. I completed my undergraduate and graduate studies in South Africa and Namibia. Currently, I operate a consulting business specializing in selection tests and facilitating recruitment processes. I spent a couple of years in London in the 2000's doing IT recruitment. We also did a lot of Leadership training and in one of my recent roles, I initiated a Graduate Development Program. 

I'm in the final stages of completing my CIPD Level 7 and have also obtained EFPA certifications. My next step is to pursue opportunities in the HR field in the UK, specifically in Scotland.

I'm seeking advice on how to navigate the Scottish job market. Despite my specialization in selection tests and recruitment processes, I haven't found specific job postings targeting Registered and Qualified Test Users like myself.

I'd appreciate any insights or guidance on where to start my job search and what types of roles I should be exploring in Scotland.

Thank you for your help and support.

  • Hi Coen,

    Welcome to the communities.

    Where in Scotland are you looking? The HR job market is pretty tricky up here at the moment, there are lots of opportunities for entry level and generalist roles but your specialist role might need help of a recruiter.

    I would be focusing my searches to either Edinburgh or Glasgow as you are far more likely to find opportunities in your specialism in those cities, unless you already have ties to a certain geographical area here?

    Good luck for the rest of your level 7.
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    ...and you're very welcome,  

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  • In reply to Graham:

    Thank you, Graham.

    Anywhere near a golf course. Blush

    That is actually another challenge I'm facing in that I have almost 20 years of experience, so an entry-level job wouldn't be suitable for me. Part of my question, which may not have been directly stated but was implied, is whether companies in the UK value foreign experience as much as they do UK experience. I've done some significant consulting work in Namibia, where I collaborated with several major companies and state-owned enterprises.