NHS recruitment - personal statement

Remember seeing others in here talking about NHS recruitment

My daughter is about to graduate with a physiotherapy degree and has to apply for rotation posts.

She has asked for help with her personal statement for the applications.

I know things are done differently in the NHS so can anyone point me/her at a resource that helps with them please

  • Hi, I have been trying to work with NHS for the past one and half year and have received many interview calls and currently working with NHS. From my experience I would like to add few points.
    Below mentioned is how I usually write a supporting statement
    Dear Hiring Manager,
    • Express my interest for the position
    • I will mention like after reading the job description and person specification, Why I believe I suits for the role in one or two sentence.
    • Education
    •Experience/Volunteering/ Any other experience
    • Skill and Knowledge
    (All these are taken from personal specifications)
    Finally I conclude how my personal values align with trust values

    Note: I make sure to support all these with examples from my professional or academic journey.

    I have been applying only for administration and HR Roles, so I am not sure for other roles. This is completely my personal knowledge.

    For other roles within the NHS, you may need to adjust your approach slightly to highlight the skills and experiences most relevant to those positions. But overall, I believe it provides you an idea on how to start. Hope it helps you.