5CO01 Organisational performance and culture in practise

Hello all. I am starting on this assignment. Anyone know what the word count is? I know they updated it as there are now 13 questions. Plus can anyone recommend some great research sites or webinar's such as the YouTube videos? The latest information I have seen so far doesn't really match the questions that is being asked. I am not trying to plagiarise anything I am just really looking for notes some notes to the following questions:

1. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the organisation structure in your organisation (or an organisation with which you are familiar) and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of one other organisation structure. Within the evaluation, you should include the reasons underpinning the structure. (AC 1.1)

2. Analyse connections between your organisation’s strategy (or an organisation with which you are familiar) and its products or services, and customers. (AC 1.2)

3. Analyse three external factors or trends currently impacting your organisation (or one with which you are familiar). The impact of these factors or trends could be positive, neutral or negative, some are short-lived whilst others are long-lasting. Identify organisational priorities arising from the factors or trends analysed. (AC 1.3)

4. When setting out its view on automation, AI and technology, the CIPD states, ‘Automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and other workplace technologies are bringing major changes to work and employment.’ Assess the scale of technology within organisations and how it impacts work. (AC 1.4)

5. Explain Edgar Schein’s model of organisational culture and explain one theory or model which examines human behaviour. (AC 2.1)

6. Assess how people practices in your organisation (or one with which you are familiar) impact both on organisational culture and behaviour, drawing on examples to support your arguments. (AC 2.2)

7. Peter Cheese, current CEO of CIPD asserts, ‘People professionals are a vital function in supporting businesses to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances’. Explain two different models or theories to managing change. (AC 2.3)

8. A variety of models have been developed to explain how change is experienced. Discuss one model that explains how change is experienced. (AC 2.4)
9. The CIPD’s Health and wellbeing at work survey 2022 found, ‘There is less management focus on health and wellbeing compared with the first year of the pandemic’, and goes on to remark that this is disappointing. Assess the importance of wellbeing at work and factors which impact wellbeing. (AC 2.5)

10. The CIPD Profession Map states ‘People practices are the processes and approaches that we use across the employee lifecycle’. Discuss the links between the employee lifecycle and different people practice roles. (AC 3.1)

11. Analyse how people practice connects with other areas of an organisation and supports wider people and organisational strategies. (AC 3.2)

12. Discuss processes you have, or could use, for consulting and engaging with internal customers of the people function in order to understand their needs. (AC 3.3)

Any advise and recommendations would be appreciated. Many thanks.

  • Hi Shelley - your study centre should be able to support you with this information and resources to help you with your studies and learning so that you can successfully pass your assignment? Who are you with?
  • Hi Shelley,
    Have you made a start on this module yet, how are you finding it?
  • In reply to Sheila :

    Thank you for your replies. I am finding it a bit of a puzzle it might be that I get distracted sometimes when I am researching. I just thought has anyone found really useful resources such as a specific book or any other reading material which helped them on this assignment?
  • In reply to Jackie Allen:

    Hi. My study support team are great. I am with Next step apprenticeship based in Brighton. I know there was some technical issues a few weeks ago with finding the research in the CIPD website. I was trying to get into the centre hub which the link that was sent to me at community.cipd.co.uk/.../cipd-centres-hub.
  • In reply to shelley:

    Hi Shelley - that's good to hear. I always thought the Centres Hub is restricted to study centres so do try to research this under your own login to access the resources. I don't know how this centre works but we signpost learners to loads of resources as part of their programmes and coach them on how to tackle the assignment so it feels like you should be getting some guidance on this from your study centre.
  • In reply to shelley:

    Hi Shelley - there is a resource list for every unit which is included in the CIPD specification which is on the website but should also be provided by your study centre as part of your learning resources I think.
  • In reply to shelley:

    Hi Shelley,

    I know the feeling about getting distracted, but keep going. I used around 45 resources for this module and managed to pass first time. Is there a particular question where you looking for specific guidance on, happy to share resources if needed to signpost.

  • Hi Shelly, I started this assignment a few weeks ago. I haven't studied for a few years now so finding it all a bit overwhelming! I decided to research each question and then answer it as there are too many questions to do all the research in one go. I must admit I have struggled finding available resources and I thought there would be more on demand classes with my learning provider.

    I have just created a student membership with CIPD so hoping there will be more recourses available. I read there are sample assignments but can't find these anywhere, have you found them?

    If you find any good resources be good to know!