starting in HR

Hello Can someone guide me to which qualification / course, that is affordable is most recommended for a newbie? I have experience in management and recruiting but want to expand my career into more HR areas. Thank you
  • Hi

    If you do a search you will find a number of posts about people wanting to switch from general management to HR management with lots of useful advice

    A direct answer would be (a) probably any CIPD accredited Level 3 or L5 course. If you are self funding possibly start at L5 given your management experience. But key will be getting foot in door and getting actual HR experience so is it possible in your current work place?

    Good luck
  • Do research, there are lots of varying providers, so.e online learning, some face to face and others blended. L5 is os good starting point. Have you checked with your employer to see if they can offer an apprenticeship? It takes a little longer, but no cost to you, it would also show them you are keen to progress. As said, there are lots of posts in relation to this and worth reading. best of luck