Needing HR experience to get junior level HR roles

Hello Community! I hope all is well with you all. I am really struggling to get a HR Assistant Role or Administration role due to 'no experience'. Which is troubling for me, I have 12 years experience in an office and am a Line Manager in which I have dealt with HR functions. Is anyone else struggling with getting a foot in the door? Because it's truely demotivating.
  • Hi Cody - with that experience you should be able to get a good role in people management. The CIPD are running some great career advice sessions and make sure you get someone to look at your CV too - you need to make sure it works for the roles you are applying for and shows you have practice HR and line management experience you can bring to the team. Good luck! Jackie
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    24 Apr, 2023 09:34

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    Thanks, Jackie!
  • Hi Cody, I feel your pain! It was a fair few years ago now but I decided to change career and even with a ton of management experience, including lots of HR stuff as my company had very limited HR resources, I really struggled to get my foot in the door. I ended up getting an entry level job in Learning & Development in the public sector, as they recruited based on competencies, not past job titles or experience, and then from there I was able to move into HR Advisory which is where I wanted to be. Keep going and keep knocking at doors. Follow the advice of others as well to make sure your CV and LinkedIn profile is working for you and highlighting all the transferable skills you will undoubtedly have. Grab any opportunity you can and go to networking events as you never know who you might meet. Good luck!
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    I'm really struggling too. Having been in Office Management for 10 years I decided to undertake a CIPD as I had the misfortune of working for dark personality types. Having been working as a HR Officer for 9 months yet again in an awful environment and having now been pushed out I am still struggling to find employment. I have been offered a HR admin role but my gut is concerning me that something isn't right but I'm having no option to take the role so I have money coming in for Christmas.