Help required for someone out of the HR space for a while but wanting to get back in

Hi guys,

I'll try and keep it as brief as possible.

I finished Uni in Dec 2013 where I completed an MSc in HR Management (CIPD Pathway). Ever since then, i've worked in a number of different industries in a number of different roles. My roles have been HR Intern, Admin, Case Handler, HR Admin, HR Assistant, HR Compliance Coordinator and currently in a Recruitment Coordinator role.

Whilst I love the company I work for and the role I currently work in. I feel like there is limited scope in my current role to develop and I would like to go back into more of a HR focused role at some point. I'm really out of practice when it comes to HR in an advisory sense. I was wondering what would be the best way of brushing up on my HR knowledge for someone who never was deeply into the employee relations aspect but would like to be as I feel like this is the most valuable area from a jobs perspective. Ideally i'd like my knowledge to be on the level of someone who can work as a Junior ER Advisor at the very least.

My strengths are -

Right to work, understanding the full employee lifecycle from when they apply to when they start their role, administration and providing managers guidance on right to work matters although I have had limited experience in this area for the past year due to my role change.

My weaknesses are -

Lack of ER knowledge, not great with spreadsheets i.e. formulas, not the best with data even though some of my roles had a decent amount of data to deal with and no experience note taking/minutes/secretarial.

  • Haris, just to clarify, you wish to return to ER work as you think this offers the best route for your career? Did you enjoy this type of work and therefore will be happy to do this day after day for several years?