Searching for my first HR role after recently completing a CIPD Accredited HRM MA...

Hello all,

I hope that you are all well!

I have recently completed a CIPD accredited Human Resource Management MA and am currently looking for my first role within HR. 

I pursued my Masters in order to show my dedication to the field, to help me to break gain access to my first role and also prevent me from having to study further down the line. I am having trouble so far finding any opportunities and was wondering on some guidance moving forward. I have applied to many different roles via the usually channels, such as, Linkedin, Reed, Google searches, etc... However, not much is coming up and it would seem that the job market is highly oversaturated (to be expected). 

I am hoping to find some generalist experience in order to give me exposure to all facets of HR and also me to build off of my knowledge and skills in order to develop my career. I have a particular interest in Employee Relations, Training/Learning and Development and Wellbeing and Coaching. Although, any generalist exposure would be fantastic. 

If any of you know of any advice or guidance please feel free to contact me as it is all welcomed, I am based in London.

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  • Network, network and network some more. I would join as many meetings at your local CIPD branch as possible, there is a good chance your next employer is also at that meeting.

    I would also use LinkedIn to respond with useful comments on HR related posts. This builds up your visibility and if a future employer decides to do a online search for you they will see lots of helpful HR posts.

    A free and easy way to check/improve your practical knowledge is to spend time on this forum and look at the questions and answers given. Do you have a different view and why?

    Signing up to someone like Danial Barnett for updates on latest Tribunal cases is an easy way of staying up to date on employment law as well as accessing the CIPD employment law updates. Lots of solicitors also offer free updates.