Career advice

Hi all, I have recently been through a redundancy process with my previous employer, working as an HR administrator. I have completed my CIPD level 3 Diploma and was working through the Level 5, through an apprenticeship program. I am now looking for my next role and wanted to reach out to see if anyone has any advice on what opportunities may be best with my previous experience and qualifications. with regards, Sarah

  • Hi Sarah! I started with a CIPD Level 3 (attained outside of a non-HR role) and used this to leverage my way into a HR admin job, so that you have HR administrator experience too is wonderful.

    Personally, I would keep an eye out for similar HR Admin roles and build on your current experience - a lot of these have been "re-branded" to People Administrator, People Coordinator etc. I'd recommend getting a good LinkedIn profile as many opportunities are available there, with recruiters reaching out to profiles that meet the skills they are looking for. Would be helpful to know if there is a particular opportunity or sector you are interested in?