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Hello everyone, I need professional advice, I finished my masters in London Aug 2022 since then it’s been difficult trying to secure a job in HR both in and outside London, sent in multiple applications no positive feedback. I am really passionate about getting into HR, I have not worked in HR before however I have transferable skills also seeking Sponsorship just wondering if that’s one of the factors making it very difficult to get one. I am skilled when it comes to administrative duties as my previous job experience has equipped me in those areas. I need advice on what is next to do. I need a mentor if anyone professional here is willing to take me On.
  • A lack of experience combined with a need for sponsorship for a skilled worker visa will, indeed, make it hard to find roles.

    As you will see from many, similar inquiries on these boards, "breaking into" HR is very much the hardest part of the process. In my own experience, the most reliable (although far from only) path into HR is through general administrative roles. Working through an agency is a good idea at this stage, because roles are often temporary so you have a chance to work in lots of different businesses. The pay is typically quite poor, but if you can demonstrate competence and reliability you can find yourself at the front of the queue for new opportunities. Make the agent and employers know that you're interested in HR roles and, if a vacancy opens up and you're seen as a capable, reliable administrator there's a good chance you'll be considered even without experience.

    I assume you have a graduate visa for the time being, which has a run-out date. So you'll have until then to find an employer that likes you enough to want to keep you, who can then sponsor your skilled worker visa.
  • Thank you Robey for the advice, looking into Administrative roles also.
  • Hey Amaka. Following on from what Robey said - I use to work for a Recruitment agency and the process to get sponsorship for a junior role is quite hard. I would also recommend trying to get an administrative role as your entry route. Contact recruiters on LinkedIn & from their website, let them know what you would be looking for. It may also be a good idea doing a LinkedIn post explaining yor situation and seeing if any opportunities come from that. Good Luck!
  • Hello Megan,

    Thank you so much for your feedback, I have been doing this for the past 1 year I will keep up with it and try to reach out to more recruiters hopefully I find something soon.
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