HR Specialist Role

Hi, I have Level 5 Associate Membership and I have gained HR experience in an Admin, Assistant and Coordinator roles. I worked as Learning and Development Coordinator too for under a year. I am thinking about a career in a specialist role such as Learning and Development and I am not sure how I can start to make the most of my Level 5 Associate Membership within a specialist role. I welcome your advice/thoughts. Thanks
  • I can only give you my experience, if you're looking for an L&D specialist role is your level 5 in L&D? I'll be honest it's like every role in these fields there is no quick route, apply for more L&D coordinator roles in organisations which have opportunities for development and work your way up from there. Good Luck
  • Hi Fiona, Thank you for your comment. My Level 5 is in HR but can it be used for L&D?
  • I guess it depends on the roles you go for but higher level L&D roles do normally look for CIPD in L&D similarly HR roles prefer CIPD HR, that's just in my experience.