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Hello Community! 

I have recently started a new position in a very small start-up company in a stand alone HR role, I'd love to hear from anyone that is currently in the same position or anyone that has experienced the same before, what your day-to-day looked like, the challenges you face and how you overcame them. All good and bad stories welcomed and key advice would be great! 

I'm already faced with the challenge of the CEOs behaviour. I've come up with the idea of hopefully getting them on board to work with an Independant leadership coach.

Lets chat?

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    7 Feb, 2024 12:34

    Hi Nala... and welcome to our Community!

    You're certainly not alone and these threads cover off many of the challenges - and opportunities - of a standalone HR role.

    Others may wish to add their comments below, of course!

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    Hi Steve,

    Thank you! I wouldv'e liked to have seen what the thread was on the 2nd link but seems the pages for the 1st & 2nd links have been removed/deleted. :(
  • Hi Nala,

    Congratulations on the new position! It sounds like a fun opportunity, no doubt you'll get your hands dirty in lots of different things.

    If it's a very small start-up, I'm guessing the CEO essentially owns the company? If so, it may be difficult to get them to be open to some coaching at this stage. Fingers crossed, but unless they understand and agree their behaviour is an issue, there will be no one above them pushing for change.

    Data is likely to be your friend here. If X amount are people are leaving because of him (see exit interview results), and the bottom line is hit with X amount in recruitment costs, then that might be a starter to get them to change.

    Good luck, and all the best!
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    8 Feb, 2024 08:07

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    Ah, they are in member-only forums, Nala. I'll PM you.