Level 7 but no job

I recently finished my masters and I have been looking for a job to no avail. Does anyone have any tips on how to nail a job in HR. I would appreciate your suggestions.
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    Unfortunately the Level 7 alone is not the magic key to get in the door with a new job.  There are a host of different things an employer might look at in relation to skills but also in some sectors,  background in industry and relative or transferable experience.  

    Some people wanting to get in to HR, even those newly qualified might end up having to take more entry level roles to build up their experience before getting those plum roles.   Otherwise you just have to keep tailoring applications and keep knocking those doors.

    If you are working at the moment, is there a way you can seek experience in HR within your company on a Secondment?  OR, could you keep your substantive role and do some hours voluntary over a period of time, if not at your current company there are many charities and websites who look for volunteers in HR.  Also, I know a few of my peers got their first break in their role in the Public Sector so if you havent already, do try that route too.

    Good luck in your search 

  • Good day
    I really appreciate your thought provoking reply.
    Thanks for your much appreciated time.
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    CIPD Staff

    12 Feb, 2024 11:16

    Hi there, another thing we recommend is participation if you can with your local CIPD Branch. This is a great networking opportunity and could lead to making important connections in the industry. www.cipd.org/.../
  • Network, network, network.

    Taking an active role at your local CIPD branch is a great starting point and it is possible your next employer is also at that branch meeting.

    I would also use LinkedIn to engage/comment with HR insights. This way you can build a reputation and if any future employers conducts a search on you, they will find a HR professional who can provide insights based on technical knowledge. All of this is free marketing for you.