HR Advisor Role - Public Sector


I have an interview next week for HR advisor role in the public sector. Does anyone have any tips or questions they are most likely going to ask to help me prepare. I am aware it will be competency based.

  • Hi Gary, I am HR Advisor in the public sector and my role focuses on employee relations so am assuming the role you’re going for is similar. You’re likely to have questions around communicating and influencing others, building relationships, problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Look at the Person Specification for the role. That is your cheat sheet for competencies you will be expected to evidence. But here's a quick list of some solid go-to questions I've both asked and answered multiple times:

    "Tell us about the most challenging ER case you've been involved with and how you helped it to reach a satisfactory conclusion."

    "Give us an example of a recent or imminent change to employment law and explain how you think it will affect our workforce."

    "Tell us about a time when you had two or more conflicting, urgent priorities. How did you decide which to focus on and what was the outcome?"

    "Give us an example of a time when you disagreed with a superior. What was your approach to resolving the disagreement and how did it play out?"