Decisions, decisions...

Hi  everyone!  

It seems pretty quiet around here...

What I find most interesting working with you all, is learning about the difference approaches you take when concluding a decision.

Would anyone like to share their decision making process? 

  • Hi Jasleen,
    Having been involved in a couple of cases, the one difference I have noticed when involved in a CIPD code of conduct case as opposed to when I deal with workplace 'comparable' processes, is that I empathise more in CIPD cases.

    I often think about what I would do if I were the HR professional in a similar situation, and the process often nudges me to think about my own practice and that of those in my team, so that we avoid putting ourselves in situations where we could be accused of malpractice in the same way that those who are subject to a CIPD case are being accused.

    Doing this whilst also remaining impartial and sticking to the relevant facts at hand, makes for a better investigation and decision, in my view.