Inclusive learning

Does anyone have any links or resources on ways to ensure learning is accessible to all 

  • Hi Jenny - I would definitely have a look at Neurdiversity at Work by Amanda Kirkby and Theo Barratt. If you follow Amanda on Linked In she posts lots of useful hints and tips www.linkedin.com/.../
  • Hi Jenny, We create learning pathways which are interactive for all spreading from beginners too advanced we can tailor it for your needs, please drop me an email and I will run send you some more detail across Adam.hartley@cprime.com.
  • There is plenty of guidance about how to design inclusive presentations and handouts (I love Microsoft's accessibility checkers that have appeared in Word and PowerPoint in recent years). The Government Digital Service have some good posters on designing for accessibility: accessibility.blog.gov.uk/.../

    For a training perspective, I recently came across a one-hour webinar recording on the subject. They have put the learning into practice too - you can watch the recording, listen to it as a podcast, or read the highlights:

    I think the best way to sum up good practice is that... good course design is naturally inclusive. All the "adjustments" you make should make it better for everyone, not just people who ask for adjustments.