Average pay rises 2022-2023 comparison tech vs non-tech, male vs female

We are a 145 strong software company that recently conducted an exercise looking at average payrises across the company (all), tech vs non-tech, male vs female etc.   Here are the results:

Average Pay Increase - ALL 6%
Average Pay Increase - NON-TECH 6%
Average Pay Increase - TECH 9%
Average Pay Increase - MALE 8%
Average Pay Increase - FEMALE 6%
Average Pay Increase - Non-Tech - MALE 6%
Average Pay Increase - Non-Tech - FEMALE 5%
Average Pay Increase - Tech - MALE 9%

Does anyone know if there is a benchmark for this? and any feedback on the results?  

  • Steve Bridger

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    12 Mar, 2024 11:35


    I've checked in with colleagues who suggest that you consult any gender pay gap reports in the tech sector that you can fiind to get an idea of the gender split in their sector. However, such information would only give you a split by pay, rather than who got what pay award.

  • You seem to be missing a Tech - Female category, though, by extrapolation, I would assume they were being awarded increases less than the tech - males. I guess if I was on your Board I would be asking why were the females consistently paid lower than the males and what were you planning to close the gap?
  • In reply to Gemma:

    Accidentally missed that category, we have Average Pay Increase -Tech - Female = 10%
  • In reply to Maria:

    I guess the questions in that case may be why are the tech staff being awarded such higher pay increases and why do you have more women in the non-tech roles.