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We are looking for a diversity, equity and inclusion trainer for all employees at my company.  The training will also cover recruitment and unconscious bias training.  Can anyone recommend a great training provider?



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    30 Apr, 2024 15:27

    Recommendations are OK, but I have removed a post from someone advertising their own services, which we do not allow on this Community.

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  • Hello you could try a chap I work with sometimes, Jit Jethwa of i3 consultancy - he does a fair bit of this in the public sector I think. His website is https://i3consultancy.com/ which has contact info as not sure if I can post it here or DM me!
  • I would recommend seeing a number of people and then you can get a feel for the content, cost and approach.

    I could recommend Sasha Scott of the Inclusive Group. I've worked with her before. I also know a number of great people who can do a range of things in this space. Shereen Daniels is excellent, so is Frank Douglas at Caerus although they often take a systemic approach to this area rather than a pure training approach as training isn't enough to make a change.

    Good luck.