Menopause and menstrual health policy

We are soon to be launching our menopause and menstrual health policy and I am looking for recommendations for employee workshops/talks. We are on a bit of a tight budget so agencies like Over the Bloody Moon are too expensive to utilise.

It would be great to find out what other companies are doing to promote and educate.



  • Hi - we have a quarterly Menopause Cafe, where we provide refreshments and colleagues are invited to come along to discuss the menopause. We have had people going through it, plus people wanting to understand more about what friends or family members are going through. The first one was just us all sharing experiences and it was pretty cathartic. We have asked the group to tell us if there is any specific information they would like us to include e.g. speakers etc, but generally people prefer to talk about their experiences. Knowing that they aren't alone seems to be the biggest thing that people are looking for.
    Where we have had speakers, they have tended to be from local groups or organisations. As an arts organisation we did have a local artist/poet come along who did some menopause related creative writing work with us and that was well received, despite the somewhat 'fruity' language used in a poem she had written about her experience of the menopause.
  • In a past organisation I have used Henpicked (Menopause in the workplace) for training as they offered reductions to the Public sector. Myself and a few colleagues attended their Train the Trainer courses for managers and employees so we could train internally and therefore was more cost efficient way of providing training.

    We also had online Menopause Cafe's with external speakers.
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