Professional Value questions

I would like to start using professional value questions like Competency Questions for Real Estate staff the values are ( Integrity, cooperation, ethics, the ability to get new knowledge, motivation, and trust ) when they are offered a new position. I've not been able to find a template for one of these anywhere, I wondered if anyone would be willing to share one with me, please? My email is nermin_selim@hotmail.com
  • Hi, Our Values are belong, inspire, celebrate, collaborate (we are a global University). We have these three questions as part of our bank of questions to choose from. It doesn't to be honest, matter which of the values someone selects but just interested in how they think about our values and apply them to their own role.

    • What value resonates most with you and why?
    • What does being values-led mean to you?
    • How would you demonstrate that you are acting in a values-led way in this role?  What would I see?