Trust & Psychological Safety - an evidence-based view

How do inter-personal trust & psychological safety work in teams & organisations?
>> What's the difference between trust & psychological safety?
>> What makes them important?
>> How can managers & HR professionals help foster them?

There's a strong body of research on these topics, giving us plenty of solid insights to draw on.
Our latest @cipd evidence review summarises this & gives practical pointers for people managers and HR professionals. 
See: Trust and psychological safety: An evidence review | CIPD

Hope you find it useful. Pls let us know if it sparks any thoughts or you have anything else to share.

In the meantime, here's an image I like of psychological safety. When you have the security of someone effectively saying "It's okay, I've got your back", so you can go out on a limb on something or stretch yourself to achieve in ways you wouldn't otherwise. We need this social support in teams and managers should treat it as an important sort of 'relationship capital'. (The pic is 2 of my kids in the Alps - happy days Slight smile)

Lots more of our evidence reviews at www.cipd.co.uk/evidence