Dear All, I have MCIPD, want to to FCIPD - can some one guide me on how is the process, is it easy or tough? Regards, Praveen Srinivasan
  • Hi Praveen, my name is Tisha and I am one of the internal assessors at the CIPD and help to look after our Upgrading route. Great news that you're thinking of upgrading to FCIPD :) As a starting point, we always recommend to our members to take the pre-assessment tool for Chartered Fellow, which takes about 10 minutes to complete and helps you to reflect on your experience to date against the standards at Chartered Fellow. You can find the tool here - www.cipd.org/.../
    We also have a candidate guidance pack which outlines what to expect from the upgrade assessment and how best to prepare for it. You can read the guidance here - www.cipd.org/.../candidate_guidance_chartered_fellow_video_application_v1.3-1.pdf
    At Chartered Fellow level, your assessment will be a 60 minute video assessment with an assessor who is also a people professional (so we understand the challenges and complexities of your work!) And you will have the opportunity to discuss your practical experience around work, people, change and professional development.
    One of the key themes your assessor will look for is evidence of the value your work has brought to your organisation. We call this 'the impact of your work' (which you will be familiar with already). At Chartered Fellow, we will be looking to explore with you the sustained value of your people initiatives - typically over a number of years. So we would recommend reflecting and selecting examples of your work that speak to this.
    And a final point, our role as assessors is to partner with you and showcase your experience in the best way possible against the membership standards - so really working with you during the assessment.
    I hope this helps and very happy to continue the conversation.
    Thank you very much,
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    Tisha has explained it all above... but I just wanted to say I've moved your thread the Chartered Fellowforum (where you'll find similar discussions).