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Hello everyone, 

I'm based in Hertfordshire and work in Central London. I work within the talent acquisition and recruitment role and after many years of thinking about getting the membership, I have finally signed up to take the assessment path. I have recently started my assessment and I'm due to submit this end of May, with my professional discussion booked in for June 20th. 

I'd love to connect with anyone who might have the same timeline or if you have recently successfully completed gaining the membership. I'm enjoying doing the questions in the assessment and think it's a good way to look back on my achievements and work. 

I'm however interested to hear what are Stakeholders asked, do they get similar questions or an open ended text to provide feedback. 

I'm doing this with my full time job and juggling life with a 8 year old daughter and 11 month old puppy. 



  • Hi everyone

    I have just kicked off my experience assessment for the Chartered Membership and would love to connect with anyone who has gone through the process or has similar experience to me and is also starting the process.

    My background is primarily managing HR Shared Services/Operational Teams and after 8 years in the USA I have returned home and am now acclimating myself back into the UK Market as well as refreshing my ER knowledge.  Gaining this upgrade will be a big plus for me.

    Its been a few years since I have had to study and detail something like this so any help would be gratefully appreciated.

    Please feel free to reach out.



    P Middleton

  • Hi Everyone, I have 13 days left til i click submit - and have my interview scheduled for the end of June. Would be great to chat about how you have been getting on. I have almost everything drafted and on rewrites now, some days it is hard to not scrap everything and start from scratch!
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    Hi Pauline, Good luck for your assessment.
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    Hi Marie, I'm due to submit my assessment next week and the word count in the behaviour report is really small. I'd wonder how you are approaching behaviour report and have you added quantifiable results for these questions?
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    Hi Pauline,
    How did it go?
  • Hi Smritee, I have just signed up for my experience assessment starting from October. Wondering if we could connect and I could get some insight into how your assessment went and any helpful tips you may have? I hope your professional discussion went well in June.
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    Hi Lindsey I started mine 4th Sept happy to share tips
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    Hi Sarah, that would be wonderful thank you - can you share your email and I will reach out to you. Thanks Lindsey
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    Hi Sarah, sorry for jumping on this thread but I am really keen to connect with anyone upgrading to Chartered as I am in the same position. Thanks
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    Hi Lindsey, Sarah and Belle, please could I maybe join your little group? I’m just waiting to see if my employer will fund the experience assessment while it’s 25% off and then I’m hoping to register. My plan would be to submit after Christmas so I can use the time away from work to think and write.
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    Hi Lindsey happy to share my experience.
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    Happy to chat.
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    Thanks Sarah can I check do you use Teams? if so I can send out an invite to set up a call - Jen Belle - same question and if you do can you share your emails and will invite you both :)
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    Yes I do use Teams and this sounds like a great idea so yes please! It's jen.stoneman@mencap.org.uk