Recommendations for AI tools

Hello I’m looking for some AI tool recommendations for HR activities to make our function more efficient. Would anybody have any please?

I can think of many ways HR can benefit from AI especially having read numerous articles about it, however I've been asked by our CEO to identify and introduce efficiencies and I'm curious to see how other HR functions have utilised the AI tools currently available.

Any help or steer appreciated.


  • Here are some suggestions about Some AI Tools:

    1: ATS (Applicant tracking Systems): These tools automate the hiring process, from screening resumes to scheduling interviews, improving efficiency and reducing bias.

    2. AI-powered Chatbots: Chatbots can handle routine HR inquiries, such as leave requests or policy questions, providing quick responses and freeing up HR personnel's time. Madfut 23 apklub download

    3. Predictive Analytics: AI-powered analytics tools can analyze HR data to identify trends, forecast attrition rates, and optimize workforce planning.

    4. Performance Management Systems: AI can help automate performance evaluations, provide real-time feedback, and offer personalized development suggestions based on data analysis.

    5. Employee Engagement Platforms: AI tools can monitor employee sentiment, identify potential issues, and provide recommendations to improve engagement and retention.

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    10 Jun, 2023 10:19

    Saw this doing the rounds on LinkedIn. Need an HR version?

  • All great suggestions thank you. Has anybody used any tools out there, particularly those that provide predictive analytics.? Appreciate open source tools are limited in their use for many HR tasks but it would be great to hear about any tools that people have tried and tested.
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    13 Jun, 2023 14:55

    In reply to Steve Bridger:

    A reminder that we have some resources that people may also find interesting / helpful... including a piece on the impact of ChatGPT on the future of work... podcast on orgs getting ready for the 'ChatGPT' of things, and this, on using AI responsibly in people management, which touches on AI that may already be in use.

    We will be publishing a guide very soon, to.

    I've also moved all our AI-related discussions into it's own sub-group, here.

  • Hi Katy, there are so many tech tools on the market. I am very interested and one of my three pillars of work is people tech. My tracking doc is 30 pages long so I say this as a fan.

    I'd really start by asking some key questions about purpose and outcome.
    *What problems are you looking to solve?
    *What does efficiency look like in our HR function and within our business?
    *What's creating the greatest pain points across stages of the people/ employee experience?

    When you have this data, and it doesn't need to take too long to gather it, then you have what you need to look at the solutions on the market, within the budget you have and the tech set up/ constraints within your business (IT colleagues are great at helping you with that). It's a great wat to pull together a plan to buy and use and get a roadmap of what to bring in first/ where to start.

    Of course the ChatGPT, Bard and other new tools can help in the meantime and you can experiment with casting a very critical eye over the results and learn when best to use them as short cuts. Love Arjun's answer too. It's a cracker.
  • In reply to Arjun:

    Great list Arjun, I love it. I'm curious about the predictive analytics. Would you consider Power BI a tool to help with that for HR?

    I'd also add about think about the landscape and checking that tools can or have been successfully integrated with an HRIS to maximise the employee experience and minimise issues with data or you can end up with a patchwork quilt of many tools.
  • In reply to Sharon:

    I don't think AI assessment tools built into ATS are a good idea

    We write objective assessment tools, we could use AI if we wanted to BUT it is too blunt an instrument. The only place we would use it would be to auto generate assessment subject matter to stop plagiarism but well developed tests negate that risk any way.

    Many (particularly well experienced technical) applicants don't write in plain English, they expect you to infer a particular skill or experience from a job title or their past employment (not helped by people believing in arbitrary 2 page cv limits). For every CV you screen out with AI you run the risk of screening out good people with bad cv's.

    Our scoring gives a true objective scored report and our system allows anonymous recruiting to remove bias a well - all without AI just good design (and others do similar)

    You are better off as a company developing a robust screening process to ensure you only interview those most likely to be good and be prepared to waste time on the odd one rather than lose a great person to your competitors

    (If you want i can tell a story of a company missing out on a great pre-sales consultant to their bitterest rival as a newly employed HR Assistant was given a crib sheet to look for the word Unix and didnt know HP-UX, Solaris, SCO and AIX were all versions of) - he likely cost them millions in lost revenue for the sake of a few mins extra briefing or having a more experienced person screen those cv's.)

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    Did anyone listen to this cracker of a podcast?

  • Hiya - not quite a tool recommendation but tangentially on topic, I've been sent details of this LinkedIn group in case of interest - www.linkedin.com/.../.