Bad engagement survey results from school in MAT

Hi All,

Just posting to get a sense check, we as a organisation (Multi Academy Trust) do a trust wide survey every two years (this will now happen more frequently, I have only been here a year). 

One of my schools scored badly in all areas with a downward direction travel from the last survey.

As a trust the guidance we have provided schools is as follows:

1) Principals to discuss results with their regional director

2) Headline results to be shared with the SLT Team and then to the staff body (either each SLT team member passes it on their department on the principal holds a whole school meeting)

3) Principal to ascertain action points from the survey and then feedback to the staff the schools commitment to these action points.

The issue is with this particular school scoring so badly I wanted to do some digging to try and find the main issues rather than trying to tackle everything. Regional Director seems to think that one or two of the SLT can be quite negative and have had run in with staff.

My suggestions was:

1) Meet with principal and regional director, gauge their reaction to the survey and what their views are and support principal with passing this info on to the SLT and the staff body

2) Regional director has invited me to one of the schools SLT meeting tomorrow afternoon to support with steps forwards 

3) Survey results shared with staff, and managers asked to gain some feedback from each of their teams, the key areas that people think the school is lacking in and then creating an action plan from that in light of feedback from staff and the engagement survey

Thankfully the regional director and principal are on board to make a difference and create the change to improve the school's staff engagement and morale. There have been thoughts about some SLT pushing back and claiming its the principals duty to sort it out but i'll find out at the SLT meeting 

What's the best way to go about handling this and creating a set of action for the school? And do you have any tips where you have managed something like this before? 

I think this is a great project for myself and is a step away from the doom and gloom of disciplinaries and grievances so any help would be greatly appreciated.