Can you work from anywhere?

Hi all as an introduction just after the two COVID lockdowns, we as a company (totally remote) had expanded from 12-40+ employees who were based across Ireland, the UK, Spain, and Portugal.

I had not met any of the new employees face to face so I got into my campervan and over 7 weeks I visited each of them at their home office to accomplish a few things

1. to prove that work was no longer a place and you could even work on the move from a campervan.

2. To meet my colleagues and to get to know them better

3. I also tried to see if could i make the 4-day working week work for myself.

It was great fun worthwhile and insightful and I recorded the event on my iPhone, if you care to watch the 26 minutes of madness please do so here is the link I hope you enjoy it.