Flexible Working surveys

We have recently done a DEI survey, in which there are mentions about mental health, communication, inclusion etc. and I am keen to survey these elements linked to flexible working, at the same time as asking questions about work life balance, effectiveness, feeling connected with others outside of immediate team, support to feel and be effective and productive at home, and anything else.

Do you have any survey questions (or survey samples) you could share with me please? 

I would appreciate any ideas, potential questions, sample surveys you may have seen, and really anything you have will be very helpful.

Thanks very much,


  • Is this a flexible working survey primarily, or a wellbeing survey?

    If you are surveying how people feel about flexible working (for example, following an implementation of hybrid work arrangements) I have used:

    -what are the main wellbeing benefits you have experienced of working flexibly (open text)
    -what are the main wellbeing challenges you have experienced of working flexibly (open text)
    - answer the following question: 'my wellbeing has improved since undertaking flexible working / the company has introduced hybrid working; (likert scale 1-5).

    You can ask any of the last question about productivity, work life balance, team effectiveness etc.

    I have also asked: what support can the organisation provide to enable you to work more effectively when working flexibly?

    Aim for a mix of qual and quant questions so that you can present descriptive statistics and richer data.