Accommodation for Christmas Function

Dear Forum Members

I'd be interested to hear views on the following - an issue which has come up year on year!  We organise an annual Christmas meal out. Team members who aren't contracted to our Oxford office, and who by definition live a long way, have accommodation organised.  For some of our Oxford contracted staff who also live far eg. London, accommodation is also organised.  I'm not sure I agree with this approach, as the rest of the team just sort themselves out in terms of getting home, as well as the associated cost of that.  It also causes a bit of disquiet amongst the team, as it just feels a bit inequitable

Is the best approach to:

a. offer accommodation to all (and if people don't want it, then offer to contribute eg. towards the cost of a taxi) or,

b. say that for people living within a radius of X, then a fixed maximum contribution towards a taxi or mileage will be covered

Or something else!

I'd be interested to hear others' thoughts on this.

Thank you in advance!

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    14 Nov, 2023 15:14

    Hi  ,

    Pretty sure we've had a similar discussion thread in the last year or two. I'll try to fish it out... while your query is percolating with others Slight smile

  • Not exactly the same but as close as I can get in terms of an example.

    I used to work for a company with an office in the south and one in the midlands. We would alternate each year where the xmas party was held (south or midlands) and we would organise a coach and overnight accommodation for those attending from the location where the party wasn't being held. So each year each set of staff got to "benefit" from paid accommodation and travel. We never had any complaints about this approach as it is was viewed as being "fair". Perhaps you could do something similar.

    Equally my last employer just offered accommodation to all (limited availability and if you didn't want to stay then that was on you to get yourself home). Could also be an option for you.

    Alternatively, if the business wants to carry on as it is, then I would be telling the staff who live locally to get over it and it is what it is (in a nice HR-y way of course).
  • In reply to Gemma:

    For most people a night in a hotel through work is just a bed. My wife never really believed me as like many people she thinks it was a leisure thing.
    Apart from anything else it stops people drink driving at night.
    A former colleague used to work for a brewery and often went to functions. Their rule was no driving and the cheaper of hotel or taxi.
  • I'd offer to cover either (approved/centrally-booked!) accommodation or the costs of getting home - if the company is able to do so. People have the choice of whether to stay or go home then, and no employees end up out of pocket.
  • In reply to Maya:

    Thank you all - much appreciated.