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Does anyone have a US solicitor they could recommend that could help with the visa process for potentially relocating one of our employees out to the US please?

  - I couldn't seem to post this in 'International' as there was no 'start a new post' tab. If you could relocate it (ha!), that would be great, thank you! 


  • Hi Alys

    Don't know the particular circumstances but from (albeit very distant but probably still valid) memory it's all an almost unbelievably bureaucratic and expensive process and it's far simpler if at all possible to continue to pay in UK and rely on visitor visas - even if it can get a bit complicated / unpredictable with eg multiple visits (proper briefings about the usual perils and how to avoid them can help though). Otherwise as doubtless you know you need a US employer to petition US Immigration Service as to why it's necessary to employ temporarily these aliens as opposed to the natives etc etc - all supervised by an attorney who will charge you $$$$$$$ for knowing which particular categories / forms are needed and unless you're very lucky or careful will seriously rip you off in any way they can. There are UK-based US immigration specialists who will at least be more likely to be attuned to UK business ways and to have a reputation to preserve and can pull the strings of the US immigration attorneys possibly more effectively than you could directly.

    Also, of course the visa is essential but only a part of a very complex undertaking and you'll need all the advice and guidance you can get, I'm afraid!

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    Hi David,

    Thank you - yes, that's the impression I've very much got so far! I think we've ultimately got to 'this isn't going to happen' but our CCO isn't keen to admit defeat just yet. I think it might end up proving a valuable lesson that 'we can do what we want' isn't always true.

    Thank you for your thoughts and confirming what I'd already suspected!

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    Hope it goes as well as it can, Alys!
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    16 Apr, 2024 11:52

    Hmm... investigating.
  • Hi Alys,

    An L1 Visa would allow employees to relocate to a US branch or subsidiary, and if there isn't a branch in the US already the L1 can allow the employee(s) to go and set up a branch in the US. The employee has to be quite senior (executives or mangers) or a specialist, and I believe they have to have worked for the company for at least a year.
    I don't know any US solicitors unfortunately, but hopefully the above information makes it easier to find one who can help.