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Hi all, I wondered if anyone would be willing to share with me a remote working policy template they have? We have several fully remote workers now so I’d like to put something in place. Thanks, Emma

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    6 days ago

    Hi Emma,

    Do you also have employees who are office-based and working hybrid? A single policy document in my view.
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    Hi Steve, we have Remote and Hybrid but no one is fully office based.
  • Hi Emma,

    I can share ours with you if this would help? I think if you connect through the direct message function on here I can share it with you that way.
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    this would be amazing Gemma thank you!
  • My advice would be don't have one. It could be too onerous and create too many rules for managers and employees to hide behind.

    Organisations don't need an onsite working policy, so why would they need a remote working policy?

    Looking at later responses, it looks like your organisation doesn't have any fully onsite workers. You're no different from hundreds, maybe thousands, of organisations who are nearly or fully remote and who don't have a remote working policy.

    What is making you think you need one? What problem will it solve?

    You need general principles that are aligned to and flow from your values. Everything else you already have - all the suite of policies that manage the employment relationship. Some will need tweaking but nothing needs a complete overhaul and no new policies are needed.

    Managers need to agree how to manage each individual remote or hybrid worker. There isn't a one size fits all policy that does that, it is down to individual arrangements. Teams need a charter (or similar) that establishes how the team works with each other whilst remote. There isn't a one size fits all policy that does that, it is down to team arrangements.

    If we apply policies that apply to everyone we run the risk of not leveraging the benefits of remote and hybrid working.

    If you need any help with doing any of this, I'd be happy to help.