Right to Work Ireland - VISA's


Would anyone know what the rules are in Ireland  for those who are on a VISA.  We have an employee who has a Residence permit (Stamp2, student studying in Ireland) that is due to cease soon and she has said she is trying to transfer over to a visa in September 2021.  

In order for us to keep employing her at the end of the current Stamp2, it is sufficient for use to see a copy of her application for a VISA to continue employing her until it comes through or do we have to stop her employment at the end of the Stamp2 and then only take her on once she actually has a visa.



  • Hi Louise

    Once her current Stamp 2 visa expires, she is not legally entitled to work, so you would not be able to continue her employment until she has obtained her new visa, as even if she has a new application in progress, her current working visa would be expired.

    With Covid delays etc I know that current visa processing times are significantly longer than usual (I am doing a visa app for a member of staff here at the moment too and have been advised that at the moment applications/approvals are taking approx 8-12 weeks), so she may have sought and obtained an extension from the Immigration Bureau based on these Covid delays. If she has this extension, then you would be able to continue her employment, but she would need to give you a copy of the extension letter/approval.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks Fionnuala, that is very helpful