Casual workers in the Republic of Ireland?

Hi all,

We have many individuals in England on a casual worker agreement with no mutuality of obligation (no requirement to offer work and no requirement to accept), and on a day rate.

Does the same thing exist in the Republic of Ireland? As far as I can see, the most similar status is a zero hours employee where they are required to be available if we offer work. There is no mutuality of obligation. We don't need this requirement as we want it to be flexible on both sides.

Would be good to know as we want to offer this contract to someone in Republic of Ireland.


  • Hello Luis, there's an Irish Employment Law helpline that's free for members. The service is provided through Graphite. Their number is 1800 812 603, but this number only works for callers in Ireland. I've messaged a few colleagues to ask if Graphite has a number that you can call from abroad.
  • Luis, the Irish employment law helpline for members calling from abroad is 00353 1 264 6504. Let us know if you can't get through.