Employing people in the US - resources

Hey all, 

Does anyone have good suggestions for resources or training on employing people in the US? We're a UK company expanding over there. I have some knowledge but would ideally love a training course, something to get a comprehensive overview. 

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Rita,

    It will depend on the state that you are hiring. We hire in Texas, and are successful with advertising on Indeed, which luckily connects to our hiring system too.

    We do find it difficult to reach out to contact details, the challenges we found is UK / International numbers are blocked when calling the US. Reaching out to them via email and setting up times, and making sure candidates don't have international calls blocked helps.

    Good luck.

  • Employment law varies greatly depending on states.
    I've heard that getting an SHRM/SPHR membership gives you access to useful resources.
    Good luck!
  • Hi Riikka,
    I work in L&D and Career Management at a US university and previously I was in talent acquisition for six years in the US. Happy to connect and chat through questions or share what I have been seeing in the US market. Feel free to DM me.