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Steve Bridger

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28 Oct, 2015 14:52

Your profile is your chance to tell the other Community members about yourself.

This is particularly useful as it can give context to your contributions to the forums.

We'd encourage you to share the reasons you visit the Community, as well as something about you as a person, your role, and your specialism!

It's up to you what you write, but please don't include any personal contact details like your home address, email, or phone number.

Can I have a profile photo?

You can, and we encourage it! You can upload a profile photo (or avatar) to your profile. We'd prefer if it was a professional-looking photo, as long as you own the copyright.

How do I upload a profile picture?

You can upload a profile picture by choosing the profile icon, then 'Change Avatar'

The photo you choose to upload for your avatar should ideally be 'square' and be no more than 120 x 120 pixels in size... or you may appear pixelated!

Wrong name associated with your posts?

See 'Changing your 'preferred name'.