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16 Jan, 2020 12:16

Please note that these FAQs relate to something launching on 23rd January 2020

Will the courses cost me anything?
No! The learning content is available exclusively to CIPD Members as part of your membership.

Will I get a certificate after completing a course?
No! Learning doesn’t stop at the end of the course. At the core of this learning content is the new Profession Map. The Map provides the foundation to help move the profession forward, individually and collectively, and to embrace change in the modern world of work. This is just a step in your self-directed learning journey.

Do the courses go towards my CPD?
Yes! This is fantastic content that’s been developed to support your professional development as a CIPD member.

At the start of each course there’s a downloadable workbook that you can complete as you go through the lessons so you can keep a record of what you’ve done, but even more important is reflecting on what you’ve learnt and putting into practice in your day to day role.

What are the guided learning hours?
The learning content within each course is the equivalent to a one-day training course.

Do I have to complete one behaviour before starting another one?
No. The learning content supports your professional development and the CPD commitment you make as a CIPD member so there may be specific areas that are more pressing for you at present within your practice.

Is it mandatory to contribute?


What should I post in the community?
At the end of the learning content there are some prescribed reflective questions to get you thinking about the learning and what it means for you in practice, you can contribute to these or share your own thoughts and insights around the relevant behaviour.

What do I include in my Community profile?
Your profile is your chance to tell the other Community members about yourself.

This is particularly useful as it can give context to your contributions to the forums.

We'd encourage you to share the reasons you visit the Community, as well as something about you as a person, your role, and your specialism!

It's up to you what you write, but please don't include any personal contact details like your home address, email, or phone number.

Can I have a profile photo?
You can, and we encourage it! You can upload a profile photo (or avatar) to your profile. We'd prefer if it was a professional-looking photo, as long as you own the copyright.

How do I upload a profile picture?
You can upload a profile picture by choosing the profile icon, then 'Change Avatar'.

The photo you choose to upload for your avatar should ideally be 'square' and be no more than 120x120 pixels in size... or you may appear pixelated!

Are posts on the Community anonymous?
No. You are required to register when accessing the Community. When commenting, your profile picture (if you have added one) and name will be visible to other members.

Who do I contact if I have trouble accessing the forums?
In the first instance, please email the Community Manager at s.bridger@cipd.co.uk, clearly stating the issue.

Please refer to our Privacy policy and Community Guidelines for further guidance before posting on this forum. We reserve the right to remove any posts, which do not observe these guidelines.