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Steve Bridger

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Community Manager

2 Oct, 2017 13:42

We rolled out a completely new authentication service (login) across all CIPD websites (including this Community) on 10th September 2017.

The process should work as follows:

  1. When you click ‘login’ you are re-directed to the CIPD authentication service where you enter your user name and password.
  2. After logging in, you are redirected back to the CIPD Community.
  3. If you ticked the box “Keep me logged in” when logging in, you will remain logged in for 30 days... even if you close the browser or re-start your computer.
  4. If you didn’t tick the box “Keep me logged in” when logging in, the 'session cookie' will be deleted when you close your browser window.
  5. You will always be logged out immediately after clicking ‘logout’.

This is what should happen. It shouldn't be like this...

Some people have experienced a few problems 'getting back in'. If this is the case we advise you to...

  1. Clear the 'cache' and cookies on your web browser. This should delete the remains of the 'old' sign on solution on your computer.
  2. Try navigating to the CIPD homepage using a different browser (or Chrome in 'Incognito' mode instead of normal Chrome) to test.

Thanks for persevering.

If the website persists in behaving in a different way… please email Web Support at: websiteenquiry@cipd.co.uk