Career Advice re moving from HR Admin to Reward Analyst

Hello all,

I am seeking advice on how to go about on moving from an HR Generalist (Administration) role for the past 5 years into an Reward Analyst role ? 

I have been involved in working on  Annual Comp & Benefits Cycle, i.e. bonus, processing salary increases etc. However, I am finding it difficult to get past the first stage of interview for the 'Reward Analyst' role as the feedback I received says my experience and examples are related to HR Operations and NOT Reward. As I do not have specific reward experience, but in terms of making way into the first reward analyst role has been difficult. I am also good with excel (Intermediate to advanced) .

It would be helpful to hear from others, who have made transition into reward analyst role, as to which courses would be beneficial, as there isn't any specific reward courses that I have come across which helps an newbie to embark onto the reward career.

Many thanks 

  • In terms of courses and qualifications then it might be worth looking at general analyst training, the techniques and approaches will be the same, just using different data sets.

    The ability to benchmark, create reports etc is all useful but the ability to provide insights is valuable.

    One thing which may be useful in some organisations is a knowledge of job evaluation. If you use JE at your company, try and get on the training.
  • Hi there Anupama - have you done your CIPD qualification yet? There is a reward unit for example on the Level 5 programme - ie Associate Diploma in People Management - which might help you to broaden your knowledge and develop your experience. You are welcome to study just that unit with AheadHR subject to application and a short call if that would help. We are running it in January so let me know if that's of interest and I'm very happy to help :)
  • In reply to Steven :

    Thank you for the response. This is helpful.