Do recruiters give students who have graduate visa a chance?

Hi there, I came to UK as an international student to pursue my MSc in Human Resource Management and after. year of hardwork and sacrifices I graduated with merit and I upgraded my student visa to Graduate visa. Now when I am applying for HR jobs I am facing a huge issue....half of the platforms such as workday doesn't recognise Graduate visa and recruitment agencies as well as recruiters dont want to invest in students who have graduate visa. Now what Can I do to secure a job in the field Of HR when I have the relevant education as well as experience? Please Guide me as each day passes by I feel I am loosing valuable time. Do connect with me on LinkedIn - Abhishek Jagatdeo (Assoc.CIPD)

  • Hi Abhishek, I'm sorry to hear this. A Graduate Visa gives you a right to work without salary or skill restriction albeit only for 2 years - but we would never turn down the best candidate for the job if that person can demonstrate their right to work. We do, in all our contracts, make clear that we can only employ someone as long as they have an ongoing right to work but we have employees with us who started on a Graduate Visa and have successfully switched to Skilled Worker. I always advise our Recruitment Team that we can't reject the best candidate because they have a temporary right to work. I wonder if recruitment agencies and other platforms are a little nervous about the future given the Government's recent announcement about the review of the Graduate Visa and the proposed changes to the Skilled Worker Route? However, provided they and you are clear that you may not be able to stay in employment long term, I don't think it's appropriate to make that decision on your behalf. Many people with no restrictions do not stay in a job for more than 2 or 3 years so in the current climate we would be shortsighted to assume someone will stay long term! The difference for you and others on Graduate Visas is that once your Graduate Visa expires, your options in the UK may be limited.
  • exactly thats my point Sweat. its been 26 interviews and the recruiters give me the same reason. ps Helen may I connect with you on Linkedin?
  • Hi Abhiskek,
    I’m sorry to hear this. But I do not think having graduate visa should be the issue because in as much as you have up to date RTW, you are good. However, you could start by applying for entry level HR jobs and work your way up hopefully you get a company willing to sponsor you.
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    Hi Daniel,
    When applying for entry-level positions, we often face rejections with feedback indicating that we are overqualified due to possessing a master's degree. This realization came to light when a recruitment agency informed me of this issue. Additionally, as mentioned by Abhishek, some recruitment agencies are advising that companies might not show interest in our CVs because there is a perception that we can only commit to a job for a limited period, typically around two years.
  • Abhishek, if the reason for not offering work is the perception about how long you can commit to a job then I would focus on temp or interim roles, depending on your experience and skills.
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    Abhishek said:
    its been 26 interviews and the recruiters give me the same reason

    You are getting interviews - so maybe I would look at my interview technique. Its probably worth looking at

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    Hi Abhishek, happy to connect on LinkedIn but I am not qualified to give immigration advice, I can only advise staff in my organisation (and any candidates for roles) of the different visas that are out there.
  • Hi Abhishek,

    Have you been specifically told that you haven't been selected because of your Graduate visa or are you assuming this is the case based on your experience? I only ask as it could be an issue with your interview technique (you say you've had some interviews) or you're aiming at the wrong roles.

    If you are being told you're being rejected because of your visa status then this is discriminatory. I would suggest you get legal advice if this is the case.