Gaining experience in ER cases


 Having completed my level 5 studies at the end of 2023 I am looking for a new role. I am currently in an HR Generalist role but at a very small organisation of just 8 people, and this is my first role as the HR function - before this I have 20+ years of experience in various project and business management roles, so I think I'd be well suited to an HR/People Business Partner position. However, every JD I see asks for experience in dealing with ER cases and this is just not something I've had to deal with in my small org - any ideas how I can get some real-life experience in these? Through my studies and various other learning areas (e.g. Daniel Barnett emails, CIPD forums) I can explain the theory behind dealing with ER matters, but I just don't have any practice...

Any suggestions massively appreciated as I feel its the main bit missing on my CV/Cov Letter right now!

Thanks, Caroline