Can stay at home Mums return to corporate work?

I have tried unsuccessfully to gain employment after many years of being a stay at home mum. I am seeking remote work but keep getting thank you applying emails'. Is the workplace still anti career breaks when it pertains to Motherhood? I ask this because I am an associate CIPD member with good work experiences and applying for roles I would be confident to perform.

  • I'm just on the cusp of returning after a 5 year career break, I have my final conversation Monday but I'm the only one left in the interview process. I havnt looked for remote roles but I'm looking at returning in a role which states hybrid (although that won't be until I've settled in). there are jobs out there, don't get disheartened. I found the job I'm nearly there with, through a HR recruitment agency who really helped me sell my CV and promote me. keep going :) it can happen x
  • Others will of course have their own experiences and views.

    But I think a number of things "may" be at play here.

    1) You are looking for a remote role which while they do exist are likely to be very competitively fought

    2) Given you have been out of the work place for a while then employers "might" be seeing a disconnect between an entirely remote and reintegrating you into work and upskilling you

    3) Associate CIPD is solid but its not a magic bullet and there is massive competition for roles at that level in HR. Your CV needs to pop

    4) Coming back after a break is always harder than no break - accept that and help recruiters see your skills and experience

    5) I would look at your entire application approach and see where you can improve it

    Good luck
  • Wishing you all the best Olga. I’m returning to the workforce this summer after 2.5 years as a stay at home parent. Anxious to say the least.
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    28 Jan, 2024 12:34

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    Another option might be to consider getting yourself a CIPD Steps Ahead Mentor to help you brush up your job-hunting skills after your break. 


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    In reply to Kayleigh:

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